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VSPRBBK2- The Bhagavad Gita, $5 plus $5 postage. still my all time favourite spiritual book, here’s why….. It was originally written in one of the oldest recorded languages known to us at this time. Nobody has messed with it, i.e the original text does have minor variations in interpretation as the meaning of words do change with time, but nobody has re-written Truth they only share their understanding, i.e Mahatma Gandhi, Paramahansa Yoganananda, Swami Vivekananda and other great souls. It teaches many roads one destination, i.e it embraces all spiritual paths including even that of the non believer. It says by it’s own confession, that once you work it out you wont need even this tiny book ….. very cool. It’s cheap, if i could share it’s content for free i would and i do. It teaches no attachment to outcome, renunciation of the fruits of action. I buy them from The Vedanta Book Agency Croydon for $4.25 + $2.40 postage to you, plus a small profit to help me provide this service and continue my work please see www.ourlandourwaterourfuture.org

The content of this book is far more important than any consideration of price or outlet. If you do not wish to pay $10 including postage then please buy they book direct from the Robert Grant at the Vedanta Book Shop Croydon www.saradavedanta.org Phone Robert Grant: +61 2 9745 4320 admin.saradavedanta@bigpond.com

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