Suppressed Persons Fundraiser

By Email…………4th March 2021

Dear Crown Solicitor

I attended a matter in Mt Druitt Local Court last Friday 26th February before His Honour Magistrate #########.

R v (name suppressed)

Case No’s: 2020/00064259, 2020/00174823, 2020/00064267, 2020/00174857, 2020/00064253, 2020/00174876.

I was in the gallery with (name suppressed) sister #### ### (ccd) as I have been assisting them as both Pastor and Advocate with the application.

I also helped (name suppressed) to obtain legal counsel, ######## ###### (also ccd)

At the end of that adjournment after His Honour explained that he would recuse himself from hearing the annulment application I note that the Crown Solicitor representing the prosecution DCJ (Western Sydney Branch) mentioned some Non Publication orders that he said were made on the 3rd of September 2020.

Albiet he said to the Magistrate there was nothing for him to do I am of the opinion he raised this for my interest as I was the only person in the gallery who would have understood, and I was one of only two people present in the gallery and he also looked at me when he raised the matter before the Magistrate even though it was not necessary to raise the matter to the court.

As I have no idea of what those non publication orders are would you be kind enough to supply me a copy.

Having been charged myself for allegedly breaching orders in the past that I am currently defending in the courts It would be very wise of me to have a copy to ensure The Secretary of DCJ (formally FACS) does not have any grounds to charge me again for something that I am not aware.

My apologies if contacting the Crown Solicitor directly is in any way inappropriate. I have been wanting to speak with (name suppressed)’s Solicitor about this over the last few days but I believe he is just very busy at the moment and I thought this may save him the effort.

Thank you for your assistance.

Kindest regards & God Bless Pastor Paul

Pastor Paul Robert Burton Family Preservation Advocate


By Email …………….. 12th of March 2021

Dear Pastor Burton

I refer to your correspondence with my Office dated 4 March 2021.

I confirm that there is a non-publication order in place with respect to each of the proceedings numbers: 2020/64253; 2020/64259; 2020/64267; 2020/174823; 2020/174857 and 2020/174876.

The non-publication order was made on 3 September 2020 and continued on 26 February 2021.

The terms of that non-publication order are:

A non-publication order is made in relation to the name of the ACCUSED

Yours faithfully,

Crown Solicitor’s Office

Note: I cannot mention the accused name and I cannot name or identify his children or anything that may help identify his children so please see below a picture of the (suppressed person)’s partner (suppressed) with their two children (also suppressed) to protect them all.