Peri’s Fundraiser and call out for help

I would like to ask you all if anyone would please consider contributing to Peri’s fundraiser below whereby she hopes to raise $500.

I have known and assisted Peri over the last couple of years and we often speak on the phone. Her and her husband Karl had all six of their children removed and they have still, after some considerable time, not even had a hearing to determine if the children’s court considers it appropriate to have removed their children. Having seen some of the 100’s of pages of affidavits I have still not found anything that I would consider justification to even remotely suggest the children were at significant risk of harm because of the parents. In the alternative both Peri and her husband Karl who live 100’s of km’s from Bundaberg in QLD are literally forced to spend much of their time travelling for very limited contact with their 6 children. Their life has been decimated by the removal of their children, and Peri’s health continues to deteriorate.

It is my position that if anything, (as is most often the case with child removals), this family just needed help and support.

Peri is very shy and struggles to assert herself and both her and Karl are self represented in the closed children’s courts in QLD. She and her husband love their children very much and Peri has asked if I could help her with this fundraiser.

Please read her email and if you would consider contributing to assist her. 100% of this money will go to Peri’s bank account, I lose a 1.5% fee for using custom donations (which I can eventually wave when i can afford to pay for their full service) and around the same percentage fee for stripe which like any payment receiving system is unavoidable.

As I am now running more and more independent fundraisers I am using this system so everyone can see the money raised and I can easily do the accounting in my fundraiser bank account to ensure openness and transparency with all the moneys I receive.

I would like to have included some beautiful pictures of Peri and Karl with their six children but unfortunately draconian legislation here in Australia prevents me from doing that without risking being charged again and possibly being incarcerated myself.

Thank you for your Dana/Generosity and God Bless xxx Pastor Paul

On 13 Mar 2021, at 14:03, PERI wrote:

OK so here it goes, many of you don’t know of the current situation we are in, or even how life is for us as we keep to ourselves a lot and really dont ask for a lot if any help. I am a type 1 diabetic struggling with some health issues,  In October 2019 our 6 children were taken away from us and placed into temporary care, we continue today to fight to get them back home where they belong. I write this as all money we had has gone into traveling to see the kids twice a week.

There is no extra to upgrade my phone so I can better manage my diabetes. I am visually impaired / legally blind and also do not qualify for NDIS, I also have some amputated toes. My kids are my world and I need to be here for them, now and forever.

I am trying to raise at least $500 so I can upgrade my phone so it can take the software app for a continuous glucose monitor.

We give a lot to the community and never ask for anything back because that’s just what we do, please just think about it and find in your heart some kindness and compassion I will be eternally grateful Thanks for reading this

Peri Gebicki Oxo