Mother And Daughter Fundraiser

“What does a mother do when no one will rectify a cruel injustice? This mum is fighting like hell for her daughter. And what has been perpetrated here – the deliberate silencing of a sexually abused child, and then attempting to detain her from her loving mother for her entire childhood – is nothing but diabolical. Especially when the evidence points to corruption of a police officer deliberately concealing the child’s disclosures.

This mum’s story is quite simple really. Her daughter told her grandmother about a sexual exploitation by her father five years ago and CPS substantiated the abuse. The case landed up in family court where the mum won sole custody. But a few weeks after the court orders were delivered – ordering that the child live with the mum — the child was (deliberately) injured during visitation with her father. After the mum reported the injury to crisis care, this allowed the Child Department to step in. They stopped all investigations into the child’s allegations and removed the young girl from her mum. It was the child’s greatest fear being removed but the department did it anyway.

Three years on, they department keep wrongly blaming the mother, and have separated child and mum in the most terrible manner – without any factual basis what-so-ever. This is against the will of the child who has all this time desperately wanted to come home to her mother. It is obvious to anyone reviewing the facts that something is terribly wrong, as it all points to the misfeasance of a police officer who concealed the disclosures.

This case is federal sole custody order v state guardianship until the child is 18 deliberated in a children’s court. It is clear that the child should have never been removed in the first place, and it’s clear that the mum has the lawful sole custody of the child.

We have found a Barrister who has offered to run the case pro bono but we desperately require some funds to support the mother and engage a Solicitor to brief the Barrister and prepare the case for the courts in the mothers last desperate attempt for justice within a system in near complete and utter crisis

Dee McLachlan”