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In our statement of claim we allege (and will prove at law) that these two senior public officers have not acted in good faith and that we were charged with offences that could never ever be proven. This was done, not for justice or to protect a child, but in the alternative, to vex and harass us by unfairly subjecting us to the rigours of the court system and to hide (suppress) from the public, state condoned child abuse and child trafficking.

We have taken out this lawful action on behalf of both the best interests of the child and family involved in this matter and all those children forcibly removed by the state, without justification, without true judicial oversight, without a warrant, and based on nothing more than hearsay, innuendo and accusations. These children are then hidden from the public through closed children’s courts and supreme court suppression, not in our view to protect those children, but to protect those responsible and fully culpable for state condoned child abuse and child trafficking. It is most important that we lawfully protect our children from the “risk of significant harm” caused by the public officers commissioned (and who further claim) to protect our children but in the alternative actually cause significant irreparable damage to those children and their kind loving families. xxx PRB

Information Update 19/7/2020

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