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Dr Andrew Katelaris – Coronavirus Toilet Paper and The Zombie Apocalypse

Courageous Conversations

Here is a segment from Dr Andrew Katelaris recorded on the 14th of March 2020 at the Hemp Health & Cannabis Forum entitled Coronavirus Toilet Paper and The Zombie Apocalypse.

xxx PRB

Full 2 Part Forum Livecast available here:




To Meredith With Love

Dear Meredith, I love you with all my heart and soul.

You have stood by me for three years and supported me through some of the most challenging times of my life and yes you were right. In all that time from when we first entered into a loving personal relationship together I never acknowledged you publicly as my love and my partner.

In the last seven or so months I withdrew from you completely and in our personal space I almost treated you like you didn’t exist. It got so bad that you eventually had no choice but to just give up, nobody deserves that and especially not someone who has been so good and kind and so unconditionally loving.

It breaks my heart that when I suddenly realise in truth, and it comes crashing down on me like a ton of bricks, what I have done by drawing into my shell like a tortoise and just shutting down and telling you time and time again that it was over,  and that as a consequence I may well have lost you, I feel completely helpless ashamed exposed and a complete fool and an idiot.

Nothing I can do can change how i treated you but I can still show you that I am man enough to own it and that I can change and become a better man.

So everybody this is Meredith who I love very much and who was until quite recently my kind and loving partner. She has been my rock and has tolerated more shit from me than anyone else in my life and I am a fool and an idiot for not realising it until the last couple of weeks and it has now of course just hit me like a phucking Mac Truck! Which I of course completely deserve.

Meredith, I have decided to do anything I can to win your trust in me and for you to know that I do really love you and I am not afraid to say it or share it publicly and that at least this is something tangible that most certainly just changed, thereby creating some hope that I might just still have a chance with you.

xxx Paul

Some Memories




Pastor Pauls Court Update Feb 2020

To good people everywhere

It has been nearly three years since the forced and violent removal of a beautiful young indigenous child with intractable epilepsy from his kind and loving family. That beautiful boy has as many of you know, now been returned to his family over one year ago after 18 months in a motel in the alleged care of The Secretary of FACS. Despite this our matters still continue in the courts as we have been vexed in two jurisdictions for nearly three years for allegedly saying that child’s name and/or using his image or mentioning anything else that may possibly identify him. Meanwhile millions of other people including multinational TV stations and newspapers all breached the same law as us but were not charged, only Andrew & I were charged. As a consequence of this we have raised a constitutional argument against section 105 of The Children and Young Persons Care and Protection Act NSW and today the matter has been adjourned for two weeks until the 20th of March to hear from all the Attorney Generals as to how they wish to proceed. Following this a date will be set down for the hearing of our constitutional argument and although we are not sure at this time,  I believe our argument is very strong and I feel the matter may well be moved to The High Court for hearing. If this argument is successful it would enable families everywhere to publicly speak about their own children they have lost to The State without fear of persecution and this could have a very positive effect for families and children everywhere. It would enable us as people and as parents and grandparents to publicly discuss the activities and traumatic impacts of FACS forced child removals and the heartbreaking consequences of these actions which in our view have been suppressed for far too long.

God Bless you and thank you to all of you that continue to pray and support us in this most important work.

All You Need Is Love xxx Pastor Paul