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WARNING: Chapter 16A of The Children and Young Persons Care and Protection Act NSW 1998

WARNING: Chapter 16A of The Children and Young Persons Care and Protection Act NSW 1998

Be aware that much of your history you thought was private is no longer private in NSW and that under this particular piece of legislation, private matters you share with Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists or any other Government or Non Government body can now be shared with DCJ which in effect is violating your fundamental constitutional and common law right to privacy.

I witnessed one such example of this recently with a young pregnant mother who was contacted by DCJ not long before the  birth of her child for a ROSH (Risk of Significant Harm) assessment, and that pending the outcome of this assessment the child could and would most lightly be forcibly removed from the mother directly after the birth of that child in a public hospital.

Can you imagine the immense distress this places upon a pregnant mother and her child in utero. Hardly supportive of a mother about to give birth.

Note: You do not have to comply with the criteria of a request of a ROSH assessment before a child is born but in NSW you are legally obliged to engage. If for example you refuse to communicate with DCJ this becomes a bonefide ground to remove your child. So do not think for one moment that any argument to not enter into their contract will protect you, in the alternative it does exactly the opposite. This in part is why so many indigenous Australians have at least in part had their children removed.

However, if they say for example we need to come to your house to check it, you have every right to refuse, you have a common law right to privacy, but do not just ignore them.  I suggest if you are contacted by DCJ ask them to email you the reason/s they are contacting you so you can see exactly what has been raised in their assessment, i.e the alleged reason/s for the ROSH assessment and then you can respond accordingly.

If you have any concerns about this you can contact any Lawyer or Legal Professional for advice or you can call the Family Preservation Network on1800 955 730 or email 

The FPN are a volunteer national network of Advocates including parents themselves who offer FREE support and information to ensure you are aware of your rights and how to best proceed if this happens to you, your family or anyone you may know.

Be aware that the child removal industry is now a global multi-billion dollar affair largely condoned by your own State/Territory Governments and the Judiciary here in Australia, I strongly recommend you learn your rights before this happens to you or anyone you know,  not after it has occurred.

DCJ claim they have the right to come into your home, and these ROSH assessments can be triggered by all kinds of things, for example something you mentioned once to a psychologist, an ex partner with any kind of mental health issues or reports, any vindictive person,  a previous or current avo with police, a previous rape or sexual abuse matter where you were yourself as a victim, literally anything from anywhere.

Most concerning of all is that we have found an alarming pattern of children being removed from parents simply because they were themselves once a victim of abuse or even simply because they were somehow previously known to DCJ.

Child removals in Australia are on a massive increase and considering we are well recognised globally as a world leader I strongly suggest you educate yourself, know your rights and know how to lawfully enforce those rights.

I would take the position that everything you say can and will be used against you and I would suggest you only speak to very very trusted friends about anything that could in any way be misunderstood or used in any way in the negative against you or your family.

Unfortunately the time of trusting medical professionals is now well and truly over, they will raise a ROSH report and in reality have an obligation to do just that for just about anything.

It is so sad that our society has become so unsupportive and so sick that if a female for example were to report she was raped as a child there is a very real possibility she could lose her own children because she is a victim. Most good people in this country cannot accept this is true and happening, they cannot believe their own government would do this to them until of course it happens to them. This unfortunately is how child removal agencies support you and your family, the damage is long term and often irreparable.

Think about this deeply and educate yourselves, and dont even take what I say as truth, ask them yourselves.

xxx Pastor Paul

Chapter 16A in Legislation begins here……….

And this is available for you here on the DCJ/FACS/DOCS website……….

“Chapter 16A of the Act allows information to be exchanged between prescribed bodies despite other laws that prohibit or restrict the disclosure of personal information, such as the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998, the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 and the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988.

Welcome to a day in my life

So this happens to me now on pretty much a weekly basis. It was diabolically bad in what I call the pre-covid era, but now it is way way worse.

This was Tuesday evening, it was the second call from this mother who very recently  had 5 of her children removed, her husband is on remand in gaol and she has no community and no support whatsoever, well except for Pastor Paul and one or two others from the Family Preservation Network.

The children were removed by the State because they are alleged to be at significant risk of harm.

Albeit I agree to some degree that the situation is far from perfect, there is no evidence the mother has ever physically harmed any of her children  and as of Monday the mother has been denied ALL contact with her children, not even a phone call.

When a mother or a father is denied all contact with their children and they love them, the traumatic impacts are profound.

There are generally ultimately only two responses, one is extreme anger and hatred at those who removed the children, the other is extreme anger and hatred at oneself for being so helpless and unable to protect those children.

Caseworkers that work for the State are fully aware, but regardless of this, they will consciously and deliberately create these situations and make decisions that completely destroy families, often the damage is near completely irreversible.

In most cases they treat parents like absolute cannon fodder, they provide no support, no counselling, no help, no contact, and we as volunteer social workers and advocates are left to deal with the massive emotional fallout to try to prevent yet another suicide or to stop some heartbroken parent from going nuts with a machete, or driving a car into a FACS office.

Whilst I do this work the department rewards me by persecuting me, by trying to silence me in the courts, by trying to gaol me like they do others that speak up, and rather ironically, they are so unbelievably ignorant they do not even appear to realise that I am doing all I can to help maintain social stability and to save even their miserable arses !!!

I have now lost a number of mothers to suicide and this is growing daily, I do all this without asking for a penny whilst the people that remove children get paid extremely well by you the taxpaying public. This creates a system of intergenerational trauma through lucrative financial contracts with external organisations (NGO’s) that make millions nationally from state condoned child trafficking and child abuse.

Most people do not deserve to lose their children and certainly do not deserve to lose all contact, strangely even an axe murderer could still see their children on Saturday or Sunday whilst in gaol, which is more than these parents ever get.

This is a day in my life, and people wonder why I pray, talk often about God and sing heaps, basically how could you do this and stay sane without doing that.

Enjoy this mother for one minute remembering that i did it for an hour and a half on Tuesday evening to avoid yet another suicide and please thank the Department of Communities & Justice (DCJ) in NSW for their immense compassion and genuine support of families in need.

Oh yeah and forgive me because yes I do get angry, but just to rub some salt in  the wound, you elected them, they do it with your money and it’s your fear that binds you and prevents you from standing with us

Be the change you wish to see in the world and stand with us.

Amen xxx Pastor Paul