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A Prayer On The Turning Away

To good people everywhere, love to all and I hope you are all finding the increased faith being asked of us at this time, and through this the grace to see and know truth.

As a brief Court update I have  filed another Summons Seeking Leave To Appeal the third judgment in the Court of Equity concerning the continued regime of interlocutory injunctions (suppression) on myself and Dr Andrew Katelaris. This injunction concerns mentioning the name of a child that was forcibly removed from his loving family over 2 1/2 years ago but has since been returned to that family for one year now, but who to a large degree is still controlled by the State as many children now are but most parents  don’t realise until their child is forcibly removed.

When we were first summoned to the court of equity all those years ago it was done so by way of a prayer, yes you heard me correctly, this was “a prayer” for suppression, it was a prayer of the then Secretary of FACS Michael Coutts-Trotter. According to wikipedia Michael is a former convicted heroin importer and distributor who now has been given the position and significant responsibility of overlooking our families and entire justice system in NSW. It is my view that this prayer would be much better described as an evil spell because a prayer with an impure or misleading intent is an evil spell not a prayer and it can no longer under any circumstances be argued that this particular “prayer” was to protect the best interests of this child or to protect him from risk of significant harm. In reality the exact opposite has actually occurred through making the child “Damnatio memoriae“. It would be most wise for people to study this latin term as it also forms part of our argument in the constitutional challenge of section 105 of the Child Protection Act NSW we have raised in the related criminal charges that go to committal in Newcastle NSW on the 6th of March this year.

To remove the names and identities of children and to close the courts and suppress their existence to the public in reality does not protect them as argued by the courts but in reality puts them at much much greater risk of harm. This in my view lies at the very heart of what is happening to our children through state controlled child abuse and child trafficking and why this is a reality, and why it has harmed so many people in our society, and continues to do so at an alarming and every increasing rate.

So as something I had wanted to do for sometime, I decided in my application that I filed Seeking Leave To Appeal, to add my own prayer back, based in part on a beautiful song by Pink Floyd “On The Turning Away” which I would now like to share.

Kindest regards and God Bless

All You Need Is Love

xxx Pastor Paul

A Prayer “On The Turning Away”

“My Lord, my God and Creator of all, please forgive my persecutor named Michael and all the poor lost wretched souls in alleged child protection, all of the individuals in the parliament, the constabulary and in the judiciary that through profound ignorance do not heed your call in the name of Love and Truth, and who both consciously and deliberately condone the immense suffering of innocent children and their families so as to protect their own greed and self interest. For there truly is a time when silence becomes betrayal and we humbly ask and pray for an end to the turning away, of all those who are fully culpable, in the name of our Lord God and Creator, Jesus Christ, Amen.”

My Resolution

My Resolution 

I will become a better instrument for the Creator to work through me. 

I will see myself in everyone and everybody everywhere and do my absolute best to treat all with respect, even those that clearly don’t deserve it.  However, I will not tolerate any people that cause immense suffering to others , especially to our children. 

I will also in my infinitesimally small role on this planet help save many more children and their families from state condoned child abuse and child trafficking. I will expose the corruption within a system in absolute crisis and through these actions bring about significant healing for all.

I will do this through public engagement and advocacy,  building community, promoting unification, the sharing of knowledge, ideas and experiences, social empowerment, supporting the moral and ethical foundations of the “philosophia perennis” and through music as the universal language of unity.

Amen xxx Pastor Paul 

A Christmas Story

To good people everywhere,
A Christmas Story.
As I reported in the matter with the forced removal of a child in my blog post on the 2nd of December. I am happy to report that the mother has now been reunited with her child today Christmas Eve. The matter is still not resolved but the mother and son are together full-time until the matter is actually heard in a Victorian Magistrates Court in late January 2020. I am happy about this as the child was removed with no evidence and on only innuendo, hearsay and unfounded accusations. The mother phoned us today and was “over the moon” as you could imagine.
I am also happy to report that one of the two DHHS caseworkers involved in this matter has in my understanding been removed from the case. It still remains to be seen whether Graeme Bell will post that caseworkers name onto facebook as he said he would, because she wrote very defamatory, untrue and misleading things about him in a disposition for the Court. If that has not been addressed, 2020 could be a very interesting year for all. She also wrote defamatory rubbish about me in that same disposition and for some strange reason even introduced references to the mothers involvement in Church groups like it was some kind of problem. Let us pray she has the sense to remove those things, that the disposition has not been provided to the Court and that she does not continue to target the advocates helping the family but rather focuses on what reasons they have, if any, for forcibly removing the child.
I pray for a time when children are only removed with real evidence of risk of harm, for the true best interests of a child and when these caseworkers with minimal skills ( and who often have never had children) are no longer charged with the powers to remove children.
Merry Christmas and Love to all
PS this is my Mum and Dad here in Adelaide, Mum is recovering from a big operation. Today I am feeling thankful because I never got ripped from my family and I love my parents. We all agree that having your children removed would be a most terrible thing and it should never happen to anyone without right or justification, without evidence, without judicial oversight and without (in over 66% of cases here in Australia) even any direct contact with the families.
All You Need Is Love
xxx Pastor Paul