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Nannalution for Knitting Nannas Everywhere

Hello Nannas everywhere. My apologies for the delay, but here is a rough cut video of the Nannalution event in Brisbane last Wednesday.

Here is the video link:

Starts off with a few highlights then has the complete speeches from all at the main event. It’s about 40 minutes long , i’ll try and get a 10 min highlights version together when i can but this is great for all the Nanna’s that couldn’t get to the event. I believe there were about ten loops present , which makes it the largest global Nanna “Spool” on record……………….. Love to all xxx PRB



Video Launch 2 – wrong mine wrong place – werris creek 

Hi everyone , we are having another Cloudcatcher Media online video release today at 10.30am. the next release re raising awareness about mining and environmental destruction in nsw, whilst most people are busy struggling to make money and their eyes are looking elsewhere. Please open your eyes and heart for ten minutes , we have this first short video then a sneak preview of a five minute animation that has been accepted into an international film festival , the journey from citizen to activist , see you at this virtual event and love to all xxx PRB

Black Hole Movie Byron Bay 

I just saw Dujon’s film about Whitehaven coal and the Leard State Forest , great to see some of the real story being told and fantastic to connect with some of my beautiful protector friends, Noble souls. Currently 2/7th’s of the forest has been destroyed xxx PRB