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We The People – The Aust Constitution & Right Of Citizens Arrest

Hello good people everywhere.

This video is dedicated to all of you, for without you we are nothing. “Ubuntu”. May this video serve as both a reminder and an inspiration to all good people everywhere fighting for what is our fundamental right…. to all Protectors.

Let us together create a world the way we would like it to be, without greed, without selfishness, without division. There is no black and white, or christian and muslim, the only division that exists is between good and evil, between Love and Greed and Hatred.

We The People have the power to change the world. The Revolution is upon us, listen, learn, educate and act. xxx PRB

We The People Act 1 copy

Tamworth Country Music Cares Concert – January 25th 7pm

I am happy and honoured this year to be one of the many wonderful Artists performing  for the Tamworth “Country Music Cares” Concert at The Tamworth Town Hall, Wednesday 25th January at 7pm. Please come along and support, and celebrate,  all the good people helping to protect our Water Resources, Agricultural Land, Cultural Heritage and our “Right To Life” . Music is after all, the Universal Language of Unity. xxx PRB

Lock the gate Country Music Cares Low Res


Andrea Kirwin live at “The Shared” – You Don’t Know

Hi all, i was honoured to have the lovely Andrea Kirwin asked me to guest with her at “The Shared” Yandina recently. This is a beautiful song about her brother Moses whom has been missing for five years. Lets share this on social media and see if we can help her to find him.
xxx PRB