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Happy Birthday Chase


Lots of love Chase,

I was hoping to put up a little video but I got a bit smashed yesterday helping families being abused by our State Government, hopefully I’ll get something together later today for you (see below) but in the meantime Happy 8th Birthday and God Bless you and all your beautiful family.

Isn’t it hilarious Chase that wishing any child happy birthday (anywhere in the world) by anyone (anywhere in the world) is a two year indictable offence here (written into legislation) in NSW Australia under Section 105, if the Government choses to charge you. Good news for me is they already did that to me 3 1/2 years ago and its still going on in the courts today so I guess they could do it again if they want for this post as well, however, I get this strange kinda feeling they really regret doing that already, especially knowing whats coming, I did keep warning them but they are so Hubris, anyway you get that.

Happy Birthday Chase I love you and your family and we can all pray for all those other really silly stupid people that thought they could hide, makes me laugh.

All You Need Is Love xxx Pastor Paul


Here in Australia the once was lucky country !!! The gov have introduced emergency COVID-19 acts and legislation in every state and territory essentially using those emergency powers to override our Common Law, God Given and Constitutional Rights.
Some of these things include, empowering all public officers (that are not even police) with the rights to use all reasonable force on you, the forced removal of your children and sending them to quarantine facilities, strapping people down and force injecting them, ankle bracelets and monitoring on anyone in quarantine, the removal of jury trials, open justice, natural justice, who can visit who in prison, where you can travel, if you can travel, what you can wear, working with children clearances, gathering together for anything, praying to God together so goodbye Bible for all the Christians…. I could of course continue.
And oh yeah, they have decimated our economy, destroyed our livelihoods, and have any of you seen any Labor or Green Politicians anywhere ? do you remember when they used to always come out and say how could the Liberals do that !!! Now they are completely MUTE !!! Oh yeah and lets not forget that Victoria now has all the attributes of a COMMUNIST STATE.
Who needs to worry about a highly infectious Cold with all of the above to contend with !!!
Seriously !!!
xxx Pastor Paul