Still Chasing Justice

To good people everywhere.

As to be expected from a draconian government wishing to hide state condoned child abuse and child trafficking, my request to have the suppression orders removed on Dr Andrew and myself was unsuccessful and my challenge was dismissed. It appears the Secretary wishes to continue to permanently stay the temporary suppression on us (without a hearing) to at least the conclusion of the criminal proceedings, I guess this is in the futile attempt of getting a criminal conviction and the gaol time that would undoubtedly follow.

I can of course seek leave to appeal todays decision if I wish.

On a more positive note I am thankful the prosecution reads my blog posts and His Honour has stated we can make submissions to the Associate to have today’s judgment and the previous judgments released to the public with suitable redactions and in the interests of open justice, Hallelujah.

Love to all and thank you to all who came today to support and all of you supporting everywhere.

Hold steady thy mast and on another positive note to finish this post, we would never have caught up with these lovely people in the photo today if not for this, so in a way the suppression is helping to build community.

All you need is Love and Merry Christmas to all.

Xxx Pastor Paul

PRB Court Update December 2019 Hallelujah

Exciting News good people.

The Court of Equity will make a decision whether to uphold my request to dismiss the Suppression upon  myself and Dr Andrew Katelaris this Friday at 10am in the Supreme Court, Court 3 Hospital Rd Sydney. In the highly inappropriately named matter online called  “Christopher v Paul Robert Burton” but that was previously called The Secretary of FACS v PRB and Dr A.

On the 12th of August 2019 I urgently called this Equity Court matter back before His Honour requesting the then over two year, and now 2 1/2 year suppression of myself and Dr Andrew Katelaris be finally dismissed. In my post in October (point 2) I outlined the reasons for this namely.

  1. That the Plaintiff in the matter, the Secretary of FACS was abolished by the royal assent of The Governor on the 1st of July 2019 so there is no Plaintiff in the matter. I think this is a pretty good point because if the Governor can simply change a plaintiff in a court matter without the courts permission we have what is called a  separation of powers issue.
  2. That the matter was to be suppressed (by His Honour’s own Judgment in August 2018 even though that is also supressed)  until the conclusion of the children’s court proceedings for the child we cannot name. Those proceedings concluded in January 2019 so are well and truly over. I reckon thats big too.
  3. That the child in question is now outside of jurisdiction, i.e not in NSW. i.e how do you apply NSW law to someone in QLD.
  4. Ground four raised further concerns about the use of the Court of Equity to continue to vex us using criminal charges when a criminal remedy was already being sought hence a kind of double jearpardy or at the very least “two cracks at the cherry” which basically is not very equitable. And also as I have never ever knowingly breached any court orders and never been heard that the whole matter is somewhat of an overreach  and in my view more an attempt to protect FACS than anything to do with the best interests of the child in question. Also that since 4 million people saw it all and shared it all on social media anyway before this even started in the courts that the entire affair had no utility anyway, it never did, it was just an attempt by the government to use tyranny and oppression to maintain the status quo through generating fear and trying to make examples of us.

So on Friday His Honour will release his Judgement, from my previous experiences these matters normally involve the judge briefly stating the outcome of his judgment then handing over of the papers then a rather quick exit from the court.

If he finds in my favour the exit is at a reasonable pace, if he finds against me the exit is a little quicker and usually the Judges dont read their judgment they just hand it down. So you are welcome to join me but my guess is it will be over in about 5 minutes.

What does interest me independent of the outcome is as to whether the judgement will be made public or suppressed like the rest of our suppression. I don’t like suppressed suppressions because the whole point of pseudonymisation is to enable open public debate whilst protecting the alleged disenfranchised parties, so suppressing a pseudonymised suppression matter is somewhat nonsensical in my view and in a way kinda of speaks for itself really.

In regards to the other two legal matters albeit briefly

The criminal matter is setdown for committal on March 6th 2020 for an entire day as we have raised a constitutional argument against section 105 of the Child Protection Act. Thats going to be a very interesting day in court and well worth attending, Newcastle Local Court.

The collateral abuse claim that I won in the Court of  Appeal against the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has for the time being disappeared back in the District Court, I wrote to the Registrar about this and received no reply but not to worry it will soon be combined with the criminal matter as part of a malicious prosecution so we will get there eventually.

Love to all and perhaps i might say hello to a few of you at legal grounds cafe on Friday from 9am before Court at 10am.

xxx Pastor Paul

PRB Caught Update

To good people everywhere you may have noticed the title of this post is grammatically incorrect on porpoise !!!

To those of you with the immense patience to follow the now nearly 2 1/2 year long court processes concerning myself and Dr Andrew Katelaris.

The NSW state government continues its regime of tyranny and oppression as it still enforces its suppression on us for speaking a simple truth already witnessed by thousands of people through its now (in my view) blindingly obvious control of most of the judicial system, so much for the separation of powers. In this matter the suppression concerns an indigenous child long since returned to his loving family because of a significant error of law by a government dept headed by a  former convicted heroin trafficker who now overseas both the department of family and community services (FACS) and the department of justice.  

Interestingly as an aside we have also been waiting for around four months for the suppression to be lifted since I provided undeniable grounds to the court of equity that this suppression has nothing to do with the protection of a child. The original judgment is still suppressed (and so it should be) because if anyone saw it they would know immediately how appalling this situation truly is, so much for open justice. It appears that when a self represented individual presents strong legal arguments respectfully to the courts and they know he is right the response becomes one of complete silence?

I am not sure they ever intend to address these issues so as to bring about real positive change.

I have also written to the Newcastle registrar as my collateral abuse claim that was upheld by a coram of three judges including the President of the Court of Appeal has also now since for the time being ceased to exist? I have requested the matter continue in the district court as should have occurred when my appeal was upheld ( order in the nature of mandamus) but again in this matter as with the equity matter I am met with silence. I will persevere and arrange a meeting with the registrar to elicit some kind of response other than silence.

To say I am dumbfounded is an understatement of profound proportions, the matter would be truly laughable if it were not for the continued removal of 100’s of children per week and 1000’s per month all around the country on the most spurious grounds and one shocking story after another entering my life here in the matrix. I now find myself with a national team of fearless advocates managing one shocking story after another and to be completely honest it is only prayer that helps us manage the screams of distraught mothers having their children ripped off them by this system that can only be described as Evil and Demonic.

Meanwhile nearly all the government departments commissioned with our safety and protection are now mute and some we are discovering are complicit in disgraceful acts of child abuse and child trafficking for profit.

The entire affair beggars belief and I am not sure good people where this is all going to end other than to say that both Dr Andrew and myself and the many other good people now helping will not be silent on issues of such profound public interest and importance.

I have never ever knowingly broken any court suppression orders and I have no intention of starting now. However, I do have a right to freedom of speech and opinion and I have a duty to both God and the public to share with you all the shocking realities of what most Australians refuse to believe is actually happening because it is just too evil to comprehend. So stay tuned as 2020 is going to be an interesting year and lets see how long those that condone such terrible activities intend to bury their heads in the sand.

For those of you in Newcastle Dr Andrew and I have another mention of the criminal charges against us in the Newcastle Local Court from 9.30am tomorrow wednesday , come say hello, tomorrow I am raising a constitutional issue before we go to committal and if you value our work but cant help through action  please consider donating to help us.

All You Need Is Love

Kindest regards and God Bless

Pastor Paul