Opinion: The Wallarah 2 Central Coast Coal Mine

The recently approved Wallarah 2 longwall coal mine located about 4.9km northwest of Wyong on the Central Coast of NSW is in my opinion one of the greatest political failures the entire Central Coast of NSW has ever witnessed.

This is an 82.5% Korean owned Coal Mine that has associations with the Chinese multi-national giant Yancoal, and a primarily export agenda to provide overseas coal at the expense of a significant risk to the air, water and land resources for the Central Coast of NSW. All condoned by your current NSW State Government.

Here are some facts from their own documentation:

“The project will involve the extraction of up to 5 Million tonnes per annum of export quality thermal coal via underground longwall mining methods. The Project requires the construction of an underground longwall mine, coal handling and storage facilities, rail loop and loading infrastructure, a drift entry, ventilation shafts, gas and water management facilities and administration buildings.”

Coal mining will be undertaken at depths between 350m and 690m below the surface within the underground extraction area. Mining and related activities will occur 24 hours a day for 7 days a week for 28 years.”  (Inclusive of a 3 year construction period and notwithstanding a slight recent concession with operation times when under construction)

  1. Air Pollution

This Wyong Coal Mine will occupy over half of the travelling distance between Wyong and Yarramalong. It is within 4.9km of Wyong CBD and the associated mine rail lines and supportive infrastructure will create air pollution issues that, using  their own words:

The increase in risk of daily mortality on the worst day in the life of the project is estimated to be 1 in 100,000″

So in my words, “on the worst day of the operation of a mine that operates 365 days a year for 24 hours a day for 28 years, extracting 150 million tonnes of the 700 million tonnes of available coal. That only one Central Coast resident could die from air pollution per day ?” I am speechless.

Consider the concurrent planned property developments along the train lines in the regions where all those Central Coast residents will be living and breathing the long term ramifications of that air pollution. I would also draw your attention to the mine authorisation boundaries that over doubles the area reported as their current project boundaries.

2. Ground and Surface Water Impacts.

This project will significantly impact the fresh water supply for 100,000 to 300,000 Central Coast residents depending on what documentation you reference. The water you drink and depend on for your survival will be at significant risk now this project has been approved. One only has to look at the mine, it’s projected size at this time, and its position in relation to the water catchment to see this clearly.

3. Mardi-Mangrove Pipeline and Subsidence

The $80 million Mardi-Mangrove pipeline designed to transfer water from this system to the Mangrove Dam on the escarpment during flood rains, was built to provide the Central Coast Community with water at times of great shortage. The Wallarah 2 Coal Project proposal risks the long-term integrity of this pipeline and again further risks the water supply for thousands of Central Coast residents. Your back up water is at risk.

4. Failure to Address Previous Concerns.

The Wallarah 2 Coal Project application has already been refused previously, based on the proponent’s failure to adequately address issues of water quality, ecological, subsidence and heritage impacts. i.e It was refused in 2011 based on this information and nothing significant has changed other than the addition of the risk to the new Mardi-Mangrove Pipeline.

5. Threatened Species

The current EIS lists thirty seven recorded threatened and migratory fauna species and six vulnerable or endangered flora species within the project site. Many of these species are protected under state and federal legislation as well as international agreements. The key threats to these species include land clearing, change in habitat due to subsidence and alteration of water flow, wetlands and floodplains.

6. Climate Change 

Five million tonnes of export grade thermal coal per annum represents a substantial contribution to NSW total carbon emissions and is in conflict with state and federal government programs to reduce our contribution to global climate change.

The argument for continued coal-fired electricity in comparison to the long-term investment in renewable energy sources is over.

Organisations like The ASPO (Australian Association for the study of Peak Oil And Gas) have made it powerfully clear scientifically that our fossil fuel based society is on the brink of collapse. Any plan to continue expanding The Fossil Fuel Industry is a ridiculous proposition driven by short term greed and self interest. Our leaders (at this point in time), do not appear to consider the long term impacts of this industry and the catastrophic ramifications both on the local level and internationally.

7. Subsidence

The anticipated subsidence issues with this underground mine are reported by Kores as being:

Hue Hue Area 600mm to 1 metre, Valley Area(floodplain) 1,2 to 1.4 metres and in the Forest Area 1.5 to 2 metres. What this means for those unfortunate residents in that area is their duck ponds will disappear and their houses will drop not just in price but will actually drop up to two metres.  And let us not forget again, as is always the case with mining applications, that the companies paid to create these reports are not hired to project outcomes that do not support the company that hires them.

I fail to fathom how any resident on the Central Coast would not be absolutely outraged at an elected Government that could do this to its own people. And for what, a few hundred jobs for a finite period of time at the long term environmental expense of our water catchment, our tourism, our agriculture, our cultural heritage and the health of our community.

Paul Robert Burton

Concerned Central Coast Resident, Minister of Religion, Musician, Environmental Protector and Fundamental Human Rights Advocate.

Opinion: The High Court of Australia Has No Clothes

To good people everywhere and those who have been following my journey through the Australian Judicial System.

I recently after nearly two years in Court was able to make Application to the High Court of Australia concerning suppression (gag) orders placed on myself and Dr Andrew Katelaris by the Supreme Court of Equity at the behest of The Secretary of Family and Community Services (FACS) NSW.

The reality that I have since discovered, is that although it is possible for people to make Application to The High Court of Australia, all decisions are only by leave, not right. In plain English, the High Court themselves determines whether you are allowed into the High Court. What is even more concerning is that when an Application is dismissed by the High Court, they do not provide any reasons for that decision.

When you file your application and all the grounds of that application, rather than dismiss an application and provide reasons, they will provide something like this, about 23 words.

“The appeal foreshadowed by this application for special leave to appeal would have no prospects of success. The application should be dismissed.”

So although the High Court and the entire Judicial system continually asserts the importance of being provided adequate reasons in law, The High Court does not abide by its own Statutory obligations. Authorities abound concerning the importance of providing adequate reasons in Law.

This is why it is near impossible to get Heard in the High Court of Australia unless of course they choose to allow entry.  This is why in Australia our Constitution and implied Constitutional Rights are effectively none existent. If you present a strong case and argument to The High Court of Australia they will simply refuse your Leave to Appeal and never tell you why. The Courts enforce statutory Laws but they do not abide by them themselves.

This of course in my view makes a complete and utter mockery of the entire judicial system. The High Court is your last Court of Appeal for all Court decisions and when you get there you are dismissed and never ever told why, no reasons are provided.

To discover that Australia is not a Representative Democracy may seem concerning to some , and it most certainly should be, but for me personally it is liberating. I can now see in Truth how corrupt the system is and why so many good people suffer from what is nothing more than  a system to maintain the status quo and continue  a regime of tyranny and oppression.

This was the High Courts Reply to my request to provide reasons:

Dear Sir,

Re: Burton v Family and Community Services NSW (5106/2019)

I refer to your correspondence dated 20 June 2019 which has been referred to me for reply. I note that you have a copy of the disposition constituting the reasons for judgment of the coram of judges who dismissed your Application for special leave to appeal on 19 June 2019. No correspondence will be entered into which canvasses the correctness of the decisions of this Court. Your Application is at an end, and there are no further steps that you can take in relation to the Application.

Yours Faithfully

Deputy Registrar The High Court of Australia.

And my response……………..

DEAR Deputy Registrar you response is misconceived. I did not send correspondence to canvas the correctness of the decision of the High Court, I merely pointed out that they did not provide any reasons and that to not give reasons is a fundamental error of law and in breach of their own obligations as The High Court of a representative democracy.

Your response makes a mockery of the entire judicial system.

This application may be at an end ? but this matter is not at an end , it is just beginning.

Kindest regards and God Bless

Pastor Paul

The Entire Judicial System has no clothes and in regards to my and Dr Andrew’s current court cases please join us as the NSW State Government has no prospects of success, we have Truth.

Let us all pray for their wretched souls, all those that condone child abuse and child trafficking for profit, lets expose them and drag them into the light for all to see.

All You Need Is Love xxx Pastor Paul


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Paul Robert Burton