Welcome to a day in my life

So this happens to me now on pretty much a weekly basis. It was diabolically bad in what I call the pre-covid era, but now it is way way worse.

This was Tuesday evening, it was the second call from this mother who very recently  had 5 of her children removed, her husband is on remand in gaol and she has no community and no support whatsoever, well except for Pastor Paul and one or two others from the Family Preservation Network.  www.fpn.net.au

The children were removed by the State because they are alleged to be at significant risk of harm.

Albeit I agree to some degree that the situation is far from perfect, there is no evidence the mother has ever physically harmed any of her children  and as of Monday the mother has been denied ALL contact with her children, not even a phone call.

When a mother or a father is denied all contact with their children and they love them, the traumatic impacts are profound.

There are generally ultimately only two responses, one is extreme anger and hatred at those who removed the children, the other is extreme anger and hatred at oneself for being so helpless and unable to protect those children.

Caseworkers that work for the State are fully aware, but regardless of this, they will consciously and deliberately create these situations and make decisions that completely destroy families, often the damage is near completely irreversible.

In most cases they treat parents like absolute cannon fodder, they provide no support, no counselling, no help, no contact, and we as volunteer social workers and advocates are left to deal with the massive emotional fallout to try to prevent yet another suicide or to stop some heartbroken parent from going nuts with a machete, or driving a car into a FACS office.

Whilst I do this work the department rewards me by persecuting me, by trying to silence me in the courts, by trying to gaol me like they do others that speak up, and rather ironically, they are so unbelievably ignorant they do not even appear to realise that I am doing all I can to help maintain social stability and to save even their miserable arses !!!

I have now lost a number of mothers to suicide and this is growing daily, I do all this without asking for a penny whilst the people that remove children get paid extremely well by you the taxpaying public. This creates a system of intergenerational trauma through lucrative financial contracts with external organisations (NGO’s) that make millions nationally from state condoned child trafficking and child abuse.

Most people do not deserve to lose their children and certainly do not deserve to lose all contact, strangely even an axe murderer could still see their children on Saturday or Sunday whilst in gaol, which is more than these parents ever get.

This is a day in my life, and people wonder why I pray, talk often about God and sing heaps, basically how could you do this and stay sane without doing that.

Enjoy this mother for one minute remembering that i did it for an hour and a half on Tuesday evening to avoid yet another suicide and please thank the Department of Communities & Justice (DCJ) in NSW for their immense compassion and genuine support of families in need.

Oh yeah and forgive me because yes I do get angry, but just to rub some salt in  the wound, you elected them, they do it with your money and it’s your fear that binds you and prevents you from standing with us

Be the change you wish to see in the world and stand with us.

Amen xxx Pastor Paul


Notice Of Constitutional Matter pursuant to s.78B Judiciary Act 1903

15th March 2021 by email

Dear Attorneys General,

I note this matter below is listed for further mention in the Supreme Court NSW on Monday the 22nd of March 2021 case no: 2021/00006362.

I also note with apologies, that around three Attorneys General have already responded but I would like to remind those of you who have not yet responded, could you please endeavour to do so as a matter of some urgency before close of business this Friday 19th of March so the matter can proceed on the 22nd of March without another possible adjournment.

Further to the above I note that the Commonwealth Attorney General did expressly state previously that he wished to be informed of any Appeal.

As this matter concerns a challenge to the Constitutional validity of Section 105 of the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act NSW 1998 in regards to the protection of children removed by The State, and how that legislation can, in our view because of its extreme scope, be misused, which in effect impacts parental rights to express love for their children, it impacts political free speech, and in some instances puts those vulnerable children at far greater risk of harm, your response at this time would be greatly appreciated.

My apologies for the intrusion and reminder if it is in any way inappropriate, but this matter is particularly close to my heart and I am of the view we will ultimately be successful.

“Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable.” – Prov 31:8

Thank you for your attention and for your consideration.

Kindest Regards & God Bless


 Pastor Paul Robert Burton

First Person Ever Kicked Out Of Gaol

Well that’s a first………….

I went today to Parklea Correctional Centre to see an inmate that I was unable to see in person earlier in the week and I have been kicked out.

Well actually correctly speaking I was asked to leave for refusing to wear a mask despite having a lawful reason.

To further compound this very interesting situation I did see this inmate today for about 10 minutes before being graciously ejected but I have also learnt in the last two day’s that there are non publication orders on anyone saying his name. Yes you heard me correctly, this person jailed for 14 months for mentioning his own children on Facebook ( breaching section 105 of the CP Act ) whom they are trying to deport, cannot even be publicly mentioned by name.

I believe the reason for this is to do with (in this case) the financial arrangements between Challenge Agency and FACS whereby they use taxpayer money and profit from the unlawful removal of children from innocent families.

By the end of 2021 DCJ child removals will be 100% privatised and every child removed by them has a financial unit value for the Non Government Organisation (NGO) that takes the child. That is, taxpayer money is given to the NGO for that child’s alleged care. The poorer a child’s health the more they are worth in the system, up to around $350,000 for a highly compromised child. This is only the tip of a financial iceberg whereby families everywhere are being decimated by an economic system devoid of any sense of morality.

This is why your children are taken even when they are loved dearly and why you cannot get any contact or justice in the courts , because they all profit from your suffering, and yes the more compromised your child’s health is the more they are worth.

Anyway, it was lovely to meet the person I can no longer name in public, his court case is coming up soon (26th March 9.30am Mt Druit local Court) whereby I hope we can get his charges annulled, and failing that I hope we can stop them deporting him for speaking the truth and trying like Dr Andrew and I, to let you the people know the shocking truth of what is happening.

As today is Sunday let us all pray together for real justice and for righteous retribution whereby this system in absolute crisis is exposed for all to see everywhere.


As a society is measured by the treatment of its children I must say that in my view we are doing very very poorly.

“Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable” – Prov 31:8

Xxx Pastor Paul