Draconian Victorian COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Amendment Bill Explained

To Good people everywhere, this is a great short video explaining the Victorian COVID-19 Omnibus Bill that is planned to pass into legislation through Victorian Parliament around early to mid October this year. It is without doubt one of the most disgraceful pieces of legislation ever written. The following post from NSW Liberal MP Craig Kelly I feel sums it up nicely. If you value Australia being a Representative Democracy (well for the next four weeks anyway if you are in Victoria) you must watch this video and share it far and wide xxx Pastor Paul

“The Victorian Labor government has introduced a bill to parliament that coupled with other measures is one of the most egregious attacks on civil liberties seen in war or peacetime.
The Bill would allow people to be detained indefinitely and give sweeping powers to untrained people to become “authorised officers” with sweeping powers to arrest and detain fellow Victorians.Called the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Amendment Bill, it overrides all other laws and legislation with the exception of the Charter of Human Rights (which the government ignores as it is not binding), the State Constitution Act 1975 and the laws created by the Bill itself.
The Bill confers and extraordinary power to the Secretary of the Department of Health to appoint public servants as “authorised officers” with the same powers as police.However worse than that is a provision which allows the secretary to appoint any of the following as an “authorised officer”:
[A] person the Secretary considers appropriate for appointment based on the person’s skills, attributes, experience or otherwise…This will expand the persons who may be appointed as authorised officers. It is intended to include additional public sector employees from Victoria as well as such employees from other Australian jurisdictions, and individuals with a connection to particular communities to ensure that certain activities, such as contact tracing, can be conducted in a culturally safe manner.
This sweeping power means the Secretary could appoint anyone as an “authorised office”; a member of the ADF who already patrols Melbourne streets with police or even a member of the Hell’s Angels.The Bill is mute on the specifics of who could be appointed. The Secretary has been given carte blanche to appoint anyone who has the “skills, attributes, experience or otherwise”.The word “otherwise” so broad and non-specific it gives rise to real concerns about who the Secretary could or would appoint. Critically there is no mention in the Bill of what sort of training these “authorised officers” would be given or the equipment they would be issued with.If you thought the hotel quarantine scheme was a fiasco image the damage and drama that could be wrought by this proposal.The Bill also “provides that an authorised officer may be assisted by any person in exercising a public health risk power under an authorisation given by the Chief Health Officer.”

Anyway, Victoria possibly has about four weeks left before becoming a Tyrannical Dictatorship and most of Australia is blissfully ignorant and even worse many are thinking that is being done to protect them from a highly infectious cold with a 1% mortality rate.

xxx Pastor Paul

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The Art of Self Defence

How exciting my bargain Genuine Antique Celtic Shillelagh arrived today the perfect Ministerial gift to protect against draconian legislation that overrides our constitution rights our common law rights and our inalienable God given rights.

According to both God and section 116 of our Constitution I have the right to pray with others and according to sections 418 to 422 of the NSW Crimes Act I have the right to Self Defence. I don’t like the rubbish I have been seeing in Victoria and in my view it has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the public from a highly infectious cold that is just an all out lie, the place to test these laws is in the Courts of course but in the meantime I intend to teach you all about your rights. In NSW read the Law Enforcement Powers And Responsibilities Act ( LEPRA Act ) start with section 11, there are many good policeman that don’t like what is happening as much as us and at this time providing you know your rights with the Police you won’t have any problems in NSW.

Unfortunately in Victoria they are about four weeks away from legislation unlike anything Australia has ever witnessed and much of the population is completely ignorant of what is happening. Anyway love to all and I’m off for my evening stroll with my new walking stick

xxx Pastor Paul

The Unrecognised Flag

I find we are in very interesting times when an individual like myself a Musician and Pastor who cried out many years ago against Australia’s involvement in Iraq and who has often spoken publicly against our forced intrusion and other undesirable and damaging activities in other countries, and Now………

Here I am absolutely gobsmacked to see our own Prime Minister wearing what appears to be a small unrecognised  Australian Flag identical to the flag now being worn by officers purporting to be part of the Victorian Police Force, but then again, how could you now tell? I can’t even see a Victorian Police Badge !!!

Are we again going to be called conspiracy theorists simply for raising this matter to the public?

This bizarre version of the Australian Flag that is sending patriots around this country reeling in horror. And what of the ANZACS and Gallipoli, Vietnam and even the invasion of Iraq for all these soldiers that have fought so valiantly for this country and many whom have given their lives to now see a flag unlike anything Australia has ever known, a Flag treasured and PROTECTED at law by The Flags Act 1953  and the Flags Amendment (Protecting Australian Flags) Bill 2016

What is this new flag ? and where did it come from ? and under what authority did it come into existence ? and who and what does it represent ? and why ? Are these really the Police or Marshalls employed under the new State COVID Acts ? These are important questions that perhaps will help bring together the strangest of bedfellows and I will pray that through this union we can begin the now crucial steps to help reclaim our once lucky country.

A country decimated through the profoundest of ignorance by representatives that clearly have breached section 44(i) of our Australian Constitution or perhaps even 44(v), for are not the United Nations (UN)  and the World Health Organisation (WHO) foreign powers ?



“(i)  is under any acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power; or

(v) has any direct or indirect pecuniary interest in any agreement with the Public Service of the Commonwealth otherwise than as a member and in common with the other members of an incorporated company consisting of more than twenty-five persons;

shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives.”

And oh yes, of course we are conspiracy theorists because this is all part of a hugely important process to help protect us from a highly infectious cold that less than one in a thousand will ever catch and less that two in a hundred of those will ever die, and even that may be a gross exaggeration of Truth. And while we are at it lets collapse our economy, destroy industries, turn Victoria into a military state, plunge the entire country into an “Economic Sacrifice Zone” , with mental health issues and suicides flying off the “richter scale”  and we still haven’t even felt the beginnings of the real fall out.

Wake Up Australia, you’ve been had, and when this really hits the Courts and mark my words it will, many of you will finally realise just how bad this all really is !!!

xxx Pastor Paul