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PRB Court Update December 2020

To good people everywhere, Merry Christmas and love to all.

For those of you that are interested here is how our year ended in regards to our matters in the Courts.

  1. My Appeal of our Malicious Prosecution ( PRB & Dr A v Lloyd Babb & Michael Coutts-Trotter) to the Court of Appeal was upheld on two of three grounds. We did not get a jury of four in the civil proceedings but we were successful in preventing the State of NSW from accepting vicarious liability on behalf of the named defendants (before the matter was even heard) and their names now stay on the claim and the matter will continue in the District Court in January.

We consider this a most important authority as it is binding and will enable people to take out civil actions against public officers in their personal  names that do things that are clearly not in the scope of their functions or purported functions, and the State of NSW cannot then just simply protect them by removing their names from a claim unless the evidence clearly shows otherwise, i.e the matters must be heard first.

For those of you who are interested the link to the Judgment is here on Caselaw:

Big thank you to all of you who have contributed with the funds we needed to do all the above as that helped us cover the lodgement in the District Court and the fees for the Appeal. Although we self represent there are some court fees to file and have matters heard that cannot be waived or remitted.

2. In regards to out Constitutional argument against section 105 of the Child Protection Act NSW, that matter was unsuccessful in the local court but has now been Appealed to the Supreme Court of NSW. This case involved having to notify all the Attorney Generals who said they would not intervene until the matter was in the High Court. I expect Dr A and I will challenge this all the way to the High Court if necessary and I believe we will be successful eventually, its just a matter of time. This matter concerns the suppression of children’s names that we believe is being used not to protect children, but to protect those that remove them.

3.  My Pay Pal matter should be resolved shortly and I am thankful my Pay Pal account is open and that my money was returned.

4. We became aware that Coy Garcia was incarcerated earlier in the year for breaching section 105 (the same thing Dr Andrew and I were charged with) . Graeme Bell was able to find a Solicitor for Coy who is going to attempt to get the conviction overturned and to have the matter heard according to law with an accompanying expedited  bail application in early January so fingers crossed with this for Coy.

5. In regards to the passing of Catherine McVey and my SACAT application in Adelaide to try and assist her eldest daughter. I have chosen to continue the application for many good reasons and the Crown Solicitors  are currently challenging my right to standing but I believe i will be successful in my right to standing as I have the support of her remaining family and her daughter needs a voice.

Some of these matters I cannot speak of in any more detail here but I am happy to speak in person if anyone who is familiar with these matters requires more information.

6. In regards to the matter in Brisbane of a group of parents and individuals charged with being part of an alleged international child trafficking syndicate. It is my position that they were and are parents, grandparents and others trying to protect children from alleged child sexual abuse. Several charges have since been dropped and the committal has been further adjourned until February next year. I am also able to share that the proceeds of crime and stalking charges have been dropped against Russell Pridgeon and that both him and Ann Greer have improved bail conditions. Ann was finally able to get her tracker removed after over 2 years. This matter is also a long way from over but in my view the case gets weaker by the day and will inevitably reveal significant malfeasance.

Thats a very brief legal update.

Merry Christmas

All You Need Is Love

xxx Pastor Paul


Ok so as I am 58 I Have a 1 in 19.1 Million chance of getting COVID-19 so lets collapse the global economy and destroy businesses and lives everywhere and enforce draconian laws destroying our democracy by removing our rights and liberties whereby we will not be able to do certain things (like fly for example) without submitting to a highly controversial new untested vaccine that messes with our RNA ( called mRNA)  that is being planned to be given to 70% of the worlds population who clearly don’t need it for their health. Oh yeah, and when we do tests for it we are using PCR testing methods that cannot be trusted as a diagnostic tool.

I gather that the UCLA Stanford Study must be run by more troublesome conspiracy theorists like me because if our alleged government doesn’t call anyone who questions this situation a “conspiracy theorist” then clearly they are fully culpable and either they are incompetent or evil, or possibly both.

I wonder if any of our alleged Leaders remember the term Stewardship ?

xxx Pastor Paul


COVID 19 Facts for human beings that are able to use their faculties of reason and critical thinking, who do not live in fear, who can recognise that our government is not protecting our best interests, and who value and wish to uphold and defend the founding principals of a True Representative Democracy.

  • The RT PCR TEST is flawed and unreliable, which is why its inventor Kary Mullis stated it should never be used to diagnose infectious disease.
  • According to the US Center for Disease Control, the SARS-CoV-2 virus has not even been isolated and there is a wealth of information from medical professionals that further support this claim.
  • The initial computer modelling and predictions that were used to justify the lockdowns as reported in the media, have been shown to be so badly flawed that experts have said “no serious scientist gives them any validity”, yet lockdowns have remained.
  • The approach of enforcing lockdowns, social distancing and mask wearing to combat COVID-19 with the near complete exclusion in the media of information about the fundamentals of building and maintaining natural holistic health and immunity raise significant concerns.
  • The low death rate, even in countries without lockdowns, indicates there is no emergency.
  • There are safe medications known to be effective treatments and preventatives, yet these have been prohibited and a rushed vaccine is being forced upon us.
  • The guidelines for codifying the statistics allow for them to be inflated.
  • Financial incentives are provided in return for positive test results. 
  • Major conflicts of interest are involved in critical decision making.
  • After over 10 months it is clear that the results of the response to COVID-19 has caused much greater damage than COVID-19 itself, physically, emotionally, spiritually, economically, individually, in families, in communities, locally, nationally and globally.
  • Open discussion, public debate, freedom of political communication and public assembly are being controlled and suppressed and fundamental constitutional rights, common law rights and God given rights are being violated.
  • Our governments both state and federal are in clear breach of section 44 of our constitution as they are by their own confession being controlled and influenced by foreign powers. This at law is called TREASON.

“Disqualification – any person who:

                      (i)  is under any acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power;”

Challenge everything lawfully and never ever give up.

Xxx Pastor Paul