Trespass Proclamation & Signs

Hello good people everywhere.

For your information please find the following links to free downloadable common law trespass signs and a trespass proclamation to protect you from unlawful visits by alleged child protection and other corporal entities. I also have these signs available as corflutes but feel free to share this link and download and print any version of the trespass signs and the accompanying trespass proclamation. Our governments in Australia both state and federal often forcibly remove children without warrant, without judicial oversight and without any legal right or justification, please place these signs at the front of your property to revoke the implied common law right of entry.  Once these signs are in place you are within your lawful rights to use any amount of reasonable force to stop any intruder that tries to enter your premises without a warrant or any right or justification. These signs and proclamation are an extension of the common law statute invoked by the Lock The Gate (LTG) movement to stop the unlawful entry of mining companies onto properties and now includes all other corporal entities like FACS/DOCS, DHHS and other alleged child protection agencies who are engaged in state condoned child abuse and child trafficking.

Kindest regards and God Bless

Pastor Paul

“At Common Law, a person is entitled to use all force that is reasonable in the circumstances, if they or their family and community are threatened or attacked. They understand that when they believe any person or corporeal entity is acting unlawfully, they will use all reasonable force, up to and including lethal force if necessary, to defend themselves, their families, their community and all those that they Love.”

 – Pastor Paul Robert Burton

“And, therefore, when it is said that a man has a thing of common right, it is always to be understood that he has it by the common law. And it is further held, that the common law is called common right, because it is the best and most common birth-right that the subject hath for the safeguard and defence not only of goods, lands, and revenues, but of his wife and children, his body, fame, and life also. An Act of Parliament made against common right, is void and impossible to be performed: for the law is reason and equity to do right to all, and to preserve men from wrong and mischief, and will never make construction against law, equity and right, the rule being legis constructio nunquam facit injuriam.”

– Sir Edward Coke