Sunshine Coast Sunday 

Good morning everyone today is Sunday and today I pray and give thanks.

Without the Sun there is no light.   Without the Sun there is no darkness for how can there be darkness without light.
Without the Sun there is no life       Without the Sun there is no death for    how can there be death without life.
Yet behind the Sun and all manifest creation lies that which knows neither light or darkness , life or death , immovable , permanent, the source of all duality and infinite variation and yet, it is beyond all of its creation.
Today I praise and give thanks to this being beyond name and form and with my whole  entire heart I pray for all to know this Creator in truth, for when we do, all suffering ceases and there is simply pure bliss.

Today I thank God and Creator of all for much Grace.

Have a beautiful day everyone and love to all.

Today I feel content and happy.                 Xxx Paul

Ps Woops nearly forgot , everybody sing….”It’s Alright”